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Sector Alpha Gaming Network aims to provide a fun and enjoyable gaming experience in the games that we play. Whether that be on a big MMO server or on our own Sector Alpha game servers.

Our Administrators, Moderators and Game leaders volunteer their free time to keep this gaming community operational for people to enjoy for free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If it was not for their time, we would not be here too.

However, our operational costs are not cheap. Sector Alpha needs financial support in order to sustain itself and to continue to provide the gaming servers and the website that we do today. Advertising alone is not enough to sustain what we currently have If it was not for our current subscribers, we would not be able to continue to provide what we are doing today, or even to provide it in the first place.

Thus if you feel like contributing towards Sector Alpha. You can either support us with a one time financial donation. However, should you wish for something in return for your support, you could consider taking up one of the Sector Alpha subscriber packages outlined here. Unlike most other gaming communities, we are able to provide a service for those who are willing to pay for a Sector Alpha Subscription. We do not believe in accepting money and to not give you something in return. This varies on what subscription package you take out from having privileges on our game servers to having an account on our server for computation, web hosting and file storage.

How to Donate

At Sector Alpha, we do not believe in shoving adverts down your throats, neither do we believe in spamming our game servers with adverts and donation requests either.

However, if you would like to support Sector Alpha financially via a donation. You can donate any amount that you want, even a 1p click http://sector-alpha.net/misc.php?do=donate if you would like to donate or read on to find out more. If you do this, we will add you to the donators list http://sector-alpha.net/misc.php?do=donlist

We operate on a non profit basis, we do not employ people at this stage (although it would be amazing if we could). So any extra cash that we do get left over will be saved and reinvested back into Sector Alpha (e.g buying bigger servers, web software etc).Sector Alpha donators will have their name added to the donations list as a sign of gratitude and respect for their financial contribution to Sector Alpha.

If you donate more than £2 to Sector Alpha, you will be added to the donator's group on Sector Alpha and aquire a nice green tag in your name for a month. If you donate more than £200, you will be added to the donator's group permanently. No matter what you donate, you will be added to the donators list

We only donations in £ - British Pound (Stirling)

All of the donations and payments are handled via paypal. You can acquire a paypal account here https://www.paypal.com. Paypal is a secure and reliable way of dealing with transactions with Sector Alpha. This is a safe and secure way to donate or pay for subscriptions

Bloodlust80 manages and processes the donations and will try to respond to your payment within 48 hours unless other notice is provided (e.g being on holiday). If you have any questions or complaints about the payment and donation system, Send a private message Bloodlust80 or email bloodlust80@sector-alpha.net and you should get a response ASAP.