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Refresher is a ranged intelligence Hero who can take on the role of a support or a ganker. A master of voodoo curses and healing arts, he possesses several positioning-dependant crowd control/damage spells as well as a heal that scales well into the late game. Maledict is one of the most powerful damaging spells in the game, and is fittingly enough quite hard to hit properly - but when applied at the right time, Malediction can curse someone to suffer a slow, humiliating death as they limp back towards safety.



Main Attack: Mana-Infused Blade

   - Cooldown: 0
   - Damage: 6

Passive: Manasteel Blade

   - Cooldown: 0
   - Drain Amount:2
   - Triggers: Give Damage

Refresher will steal manna from an enemy every time he deals damage to that enemy. This is efficient whilst fighting mana based classes

Mana Drain (15 Mana)

   - Drain Amount: 30
   - Cooldown: 15
   - Range: 15

Refresher gains his strength to absorb the mana from another enemy in his general direction. This attack does not lock on, so it requires Refresher to make well aimed shots at an enemy if he wants to actually hit the enemy.

Hook (30 Mana)

   Cooldown: 20
   Range: 20

Refresher lashes out a hook towards his foe, impaling them and then throws the foe towards him. This spell is not very ranged, so it calls for some skill when casting.

(Signature:) Refresh (50 Mana)

Recommended items



  Blue Stained Glass


   Leather Tunic


   Leather Pants


   Diamond Boots


(1.) Having a Refresher who can play well on a team is a great advantage, because similar to other heroes Refresher can pull an enemy towards them. Making an amazing spell to use if Refresher and a teammate or teammates are chasing a foe. Using Hook will cost little mana and can change the tides of a battle quickly.

(2.) Refresher is a somewhat weak hero against most non-mana physical Heroes. Although he is amazing against heroes such as Witch Doctor or Pestilence, who rely on mana to thrive in battle. Refresher should NEVER attempt to battle a hero one on one if the player does not know how low the foe's health is.

(3.) Refresher is amazing for ganking. If there is a player battle going on in a lane, Refresher can easily jump into battle and start stealing mana from the enemy, making sure that he or she can no use any spells that will kill.

(4.) The final tactic for Refresher is to go with a friendly hero who can easily land a stun on another enemy. Refresher will be able to drain most of the mana if not already killing the stunned foe; beware though! Refresher is prone to stuns and can easily be killed by a single stun and one hero.


  • Refresher is the only class that absorbs mana when hitting another player
  • When hooking someone, refresher will sometimes pull them into the ground dealing damage to them before they arise again.
  • Sometimes manadrain will go through a 1 block wall if Refresher is standing at a certain angle