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As well as operating as a gaming community, Sector Alpha also has subscription based services on offer. Right now we offer user account subscriptions which include a server accounts for your webhosting and file storage needs, as well as other features relating to Sector Alpha. This is A good subscription service to take up if you want to host your own blog or website. More features to this subscription method will be added overtime. A limited amount of setup support will be provided as well. See below for more details.

We also offer a range of hassle free game servers. Do you wish to avoid the hassle of having to manage a game server yourself? Would you like your game server to be looked after by fellow gamers? Would you like a few computer scripts and some gamers keep an eye on your server for you? Then you have come to the right place.

A summary of what is on offer can be found in the table below. For more details about each service, check out the relevant pages for more technical information.

Sasha, our dedicated server, has the following specifications

  - sandy bridge i5 processor (4 cores, 4 threads) @ 3.1 Ghz
  - 2x2 Tb HDD on soft raid 0/1
  - 16 GB RAM DDR3
  - 100 MBps upload/download

Subscription Features

Feature Free Member Regular Pro
Price per month free £2 £5
Adverts on yes no no
Subscriber usergroup no yes yes
Price per month free £2 £5
Sector Alpha game server cosmetic benefits no yes yes
A say in how the gaming network runs yes more so more so
Access to the subscribers private forum no yes yes
Forum Private message inbox limited unlimited unlimited
Forum Uploads (e.g album) limited unlimited unlimited
Dedicated server account no no yes
30 Gb server storage account no no yes
1 GB MySQL no no yes
ssh and sftp access no no yes
webhosting with server account no no yes
Domain Forwarding no no yes
Email service for your domain no no yes
Music Streaming to your personal device no no yes
Unlimited Bandwidth no no yes
Computing resources no no yes

  • Game Server dependent
    • subjected to the fair useage agreement (including no pornography)

% nothing or no activity that could be considered illegal in the US or Europe.

$ = Opt in, please let bloodlust80 know that you want this feature (PM Bloodlust80 or email