ModernFactions Beginners Guide

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First Join

When you first join in the game, you will be dropped in the main spawn. Get used to this area, because you will have to come here a lot in order to be successful. It's best to read the tutorial first, but chances are there won't be much you need to know at the moment. Take a look at the items offered in the market, and purchase a cheap pistol and ammo.

On the fourth wall, you should see a sign that can teleport you to random areas across the map. When you are ready to start, click the sign.

*Because the spawns are random, always set your home with /sethome when you get the chance! You will die, and when you do it's best to be able to get back quickly.*


Factions is a plugin that provides support for teams or clans in Minecraft. When you first spawn, you can either choose to join one or a new one using /f join <faction name> or /f create <faction name>. Be nice to your faction and help out, and they will help you out and give you starting items depending on how recently it was created.

What is this power thing?

In factions power is basically a method to tell how good your faction is. When you die, you lose power, and when you play for a long period of time, you get it back. Your power is added in with other members of your faction, so it's key to not die as much as possible.

Item Mechanics

Many items in ModernFactions serve more uses than in vanilla Minecraft. Some of these include guns, parachutes, and even grappling hooks.

Secondary Items (Grappling hook, parachute, etc)

String: Parachute

String serves as a parachute in which you can glide down high places whilst not taking fall damage. By right clicking while in the air, you deploy your parachute. Pressing shift makes you fall down a small amount faster.

Tripwire Hook: Grappling Hook

The grappling hook is another useful item that pairs well with the Parachute. To deploy your grappling hook, aim ahet a building or skyscraper and press "Q" (Or whatever your drop key is) to launch yourself in the air. Don't worry, you won't take fall damage on your landing!

Gold Chestplate: JetPack (Crafted or Bought)

One of the most annoying items in the game, it requires you to repeatedly press shift and trigger sticky keys. You must be holding coal and wearing a jetpack in order to use it.

Leather Boots: Long-Fall Shoes

Leather boots completely cancel fall damage no matter how far down you fall. Extremely useful in any situation, aside from maybe combat.


The guns in ModernFactions are unique in many different ways; you won't find these same guns on some other servers. They were all custom configured by brennx101 and Chakyl, but they have mechanics that are universal throughout all guns. You can find information on all the individual guns here:


For most guns, usage is the same throughout. Right Click is used to shoot, Left Click is used to scope or zoom in, depending if the gun supports it. Scoping also improves the accuracy of the gun, more so than sneak/shift does. "Q" or drop is used to reload your weapon, and guns have to be manually dropped in your inventory. Shift/Sneak is used to "steady" your gun, which can improve accuracy and even cancel recoil.


Obtaining Guns

There is two simple ways of obtaining guns; buying or crafting (crafting TBD). Guns can be bought for gold at the server market, which is accessible by using /hub or /spawn. Another method which has not been implemented yet is crafting.


Ammunition is needed to fire or reload guns.

Pumpkin Seeds= Pistol ammo Standard Pistol Ammo

Melon Seeds= Shotgun ammo Standard Shotgun Ammo

Flint= Rifle Clip Used for automatic weapons with high rate of fire

Brick= Rifle Shot Used for Sniper Rifles and Carbines with a low rate of fire

TNT= Explosive rounds Ammo for explosive weapons`

The Gold Economy

In ModernFactions, gold marks the currency in which players buy and sell items. There are three primary ways you can obtain money on the server:

1. Mining: The classic method in getting gold, mining provides a strong output of gold, but do to the rarity it may not be the best method. Every gold yields one bar (9 nuggets).

2. Selling Items: The best and most common method of making money, this is where most, if not all of it will come from. The market managers to satisfy all types of playstyles. Like to mine? Like to farm? Doesn't matter, you can sell items from each for a fair amount of gold.

3. Players and Pigmen: This is by far the lease efficient way to earn money, but killing players in other factions yields 1 gold bar and you can sometimes get nuggets from killing pigmen in the nether.


In ModernFactions, explosions are one of the most devastating things that can happen. Block Physics are changed so that explosions can make blocks fly in every direction, and a creeper gives you an especially bad day if he makes his way up into your base.

And that's all you really need to know to start off playing Modern Factions! If you want more in-depth information, visit some of the other guides here!