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The New Sector Alpha website has been a hot topic within the Sector Alpha community since mid 2013

Cosmosquark has always wanted to create the new Sector Alpha website since mid 2012. He was unsatisfied with the current available web application software available on the market.

Sector Alpha was using Vbulletin 4 from July 2011 (when dark field games used to share the same platform as Sector Alpha on the old wordpress phpbb combination), right up until October 2013 when the website got hacked. Cosmosquark was displeased with the upcoming Vbullitin software and the direction that Internet Brands was heading with Vbulletin. Especially with the knowledge of the flop of Vbulletin 5.

Vbulletin Hacked

Around about September 2013, with no email notification to any owners of the Vbulletin liscence, this blog post appeared

and then later, Sector Alpha was one of the thousands of sites to be hacked from this vbulletin vunurability