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Server Setup

We run lighttpd as our webserver. The server only allows ssh logins with ssh keys.

Hosting Services

We can host you website for you. We are happy to run most server side scripts including custom written ones for your site. Please contact us for more details and prices.

For Admins

User accounts for admins have full access. Sector Alpha website accounts are accessed by admins using sudo and can not be logged into directly.

All Hosting accounts should use the custom shell /usr/local/bin/HOSTINGSHELL which only allows access to changing passwords, ssh keys and contact address(es). All actual access to the sites must be done via ftps (NOT sftp). This uses the password as set for the account using the shell. For security reasons the ftp access is only to a ftpfiles directory (~/ftpfiles) which is read only to everyone. This than contains a writeable files folder (~/ftpfiles/files) and a mount bind (~/ftpfiles/www) to the users www folder (~/www). There is a script to setup user accounts called addhostinguser. This provides initial access via an ssh key which then lets the user set a password.