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In the online world of video games, sometimes silly things get said. Usually by people who cannot rub two brain cells together and read things that are presented to them in a game, or simply by people who just simply don't apply much thought to the game.

These people are usually reffered to as noobs, n00bs, n00b5 or n00bz0rs or epic failz.

If you wish to contribute towards this, please keep contributions anonymous. Anonymaity is cool, naming names is bullying, and bullying is not cool

Silly things people have said on Minecraft

OP PLZ Asking for OP isn't going to get you anything mate.
/op <name> No matter how hard you try, you're not going to get OP on our MC server. Typing in the command won't get you anything.
dude u relize your server is on th internet rit
my doesnt it let me do the stuff u guys get to do not fair well maybe if you registered on the forums, you could have build rights
Is anyone on here Korean? Maybe, maybe not