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SkyFactions was a failed project created by Chakyl that was made for the purpose of targeting the Survival PvP audience on the Multiworld server. It was shut down several months after release due to the creation of the Multiserver. It was later brought back by Chakyl and brennx101 as ModernFactions, and has had reasonably more success.


As its name suggests, SkyFactions was based on the concept of using a skyworlds world generator to add extra challenge to survival. It boasted features such as armor specific abilities, chicken parachutes, and extremely difficult mobs.

Reasons for failure

There are several reason why SkyFactions failed, but the primary reason was due to the extreme difficulty of it. Because of its nature, many new players found themselves either swamped by mobs at the beginning or constantly falling into the void. Although the small test group found it interesting and exciting, new players did not.

Revival as ModernFactions

ModernFactions was originally started as a revival of SkyFactions, but later became an entirely different entity due to input from brennx101 and Bloodlust80. Although different, certain features managed to stick with ModernFactions, such as a unique world generator. The grappling hook and string parachutes are also references to SkyFactions.