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ModernFactions is what happened when Chakyl and Brennx101 wanted to make a faction server, but one that was different from all of the other ones. At first this idea started as SkyFactions, but we quickly came to the realization of how infuriating it was for new players. Wanting to keep in the spirit of making a different factions, we decided to add randomly generating cities in which factions could claim as their own. Eventually we added guns and better explosion physics to make ModernFactions what it is now.


Everything was a haze, and I heard a quiet ringing in my ears. Everything was so cold, where am I? As I lifted my lethargic body off the ground, I looked around confused. An empty, sullen city surrounded me. It seemed abandoned, artificial, dead. As I began to walk around I felt something slightly choking me around my neck. A small collar with a tawny light on the front was tightly wound around my neck. As I began pondering what could possibly be happening, I hear a booming voice coming from seemingly invisible speakers. The voice loudly announced, "Attention newcomers, you along with several hundred other contestants have been dropped in a world that looks exactly alike to your own. Your only goal is top become the most powerful person you can, with or without help from others. We have provided services to buy and create better equipment and weapons, which you can access by saying COMMAND:HUB in your collar. There is no escape. There is no home..."


ModernFactions Beginners Guide- Whether you are new to factions or have never heard of it, start here.

ModernFactions Gun Guide- A directory of all the guns available on ModernFactions.

ModernFactions Machine Guide- A directory of all the guns available on ModernFactions.

ModernFactions Command Reference- All the commands you could ever want or need.

Modern Factions Strategies- Not sure how to go about? Look here for beginner to advanced guides.